Everybody Starts Somewhere

Isn’t this a beautiful piece? It shows a mastery over three skills that I’d love to one day master: macrame, wire wrapping and leather working. I look at it and think, “I wish I could do that. With enough practice I could probably do it one day. Guess that means I should start creating.”
It took a long time to get into that head space. I used to look at beautiful things like that and think, “I could never do that. Why bother trying?” 
Eventually, I realized that attitude was a sort of self fulfilling prophesy. If I don’t try, how will I get better?
Then the only obstacles in my way were things like time management, patience, sometimes money and the determination to push through the inevitable difficulties. Those are all monsters to defeat, but if I want to get better at whatever skill I choose, there’s no reason why I can’t beat them down. I still have problems with them, especially the time management part, but I am getting better with that, too.
Everyone, no matter how masterful their work may seem now, starts at the same place at some point. They worked hard to get to their current level, and must continue to work at addressing their unique challenges. It’s important to remind ourselves of that when we start beating ourselves up over our progress.
If the goal is worth it to you, keep fighting. You’ll get there when you’re ready.

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