Fabric Paint TMNT Costume Shirt: Attempt Two (Wordless Wednesday, too!)

Since my last attempt at making this thing failed so spectacularly, I did a few things differently.

  • Put a plastic bag over the backing I used to support the tank top and prevent paint from bleeding through to the back.
  • Was more careful about picking a tank top with thicker fabric and lighter color.
  • Used less paint.
  • Used brushes instead of sponges.

Otherwise, I used more or less the same technique.

I did use that sponge tipped brush for the bulk of the color, but I used a brush with a sharp, fine edge to both draw out the initial outline, and add detailing later on.

While it’s far neater than the first attempt, I realize it’s still crooked. I figure that’s ok, because a) I have scoliosis, which means I’m crooked anyway, and b) perfect proportions are pretty rare in nature.

This time, I worked from the center out, and left the edges to be a little paler than where the “plates” met. I noticed that the renditions of TMNT that I liked the best had paler outlines to their plastrons, than the more simple dark outlines.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Not too shabby. I like the addition of highlights. When my husband saw this, he suggested I add some cracks, which I might actually attempt, once I see how it dries.

As for the rest of the costume, I still have to:

  • Make a suitable, non-shiny mask
  • Dig out the shell I’ve been using, and see if I can make that grittier
  • Finish the knit arm covers. I just need to edge them and sew them closed. Shouldn’t take me too long, now that the knitting part is done.

As for the bottom, I’ll be wearing these green, slim-fit cargo pants I’ve had kicking around, and tall black boots. That is, unless I can find alternatives at a decent price.

I had actually been thinking about making ribbons to hand out, but we’ve hit a couple unexpected expenses, so I can’t justify the cost for those. Anyway, if I could, it’s a bit late to think of what they’d say and order them.

Anyhoo, on to Day 3 of the art challenge: Band.

A group of gorillas is a band, right? Well, these gorillas aren’t happy with the rest of their band, ’cause they never show up for practice. They’re also a little too hard on their instruments.

In fact, they don’t really play them. They just sort of thrash them around.

Maybe gorillas shouldn’t be in rock bands.

Edit: Aaaaaaaand…I just realized that today’s Wednesday. I thought it was Tuesday all day for some reason. So, this will also be a Wordless Wednesday Entry!


2 thoughts on “Fabric Paint TMNT Costume Shirt: Attempt Two (Wordless Wednesday, too!)”

  1. It does look nice! I think it would look better on a green shirt! Love the depth on the squares. It looks 3d!

  2. Thank you! I was actually just thinking of adding some green to the straps and sides of the shirt when I added a final outline around the outer edges.

    I would have picked up a green tank top, but the only ones at the store were either way too dark for this particular paint to work well with, or the most hideous shades I'd seen in a while.

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