Favorite Fall Things (and a not-so-subtle give away reminder)

Still no love for the give away opportunity this month? You can win free stuff or a discount to my shop! I don’t think that’s a terrible way to get going on your holiday shopping, but I may be a bit biased.

Anyway, now that the plug’s out of the way, today’s the first day around here that’s cold enough to need a jacket. When it comes to seasons, I tend to be a summer girl. Even though my allergies have gotten worse over the years, I still enjoy the heat, and not needing to wear every article of clothing I own to leave the house.

Of course, I’m talking about winter, but autumn always makes me a bit sad. Instead of lingering on the oncoming unpleasantness cold weather brings, why not list some of my favorite things about fall?

Toe socks! I guess I’m a bit of a kid at heart. Sadly, these things are getting harder and harder to find in stores.

My beloved gauntlets! I have four pairs of varying lengths that I wear regularly over the colder months. This is by far my geekiest pair. Deadpool is such a fun character. These are super warm, mostly because they’re double sided.

I also enjoy knitting them, which is probably why I have so many of them.

Autumn jackets. I actually don’t mind wearing jackets when it’s not freezing out. The one I’m wearing in the above picture is from an antique/thrift/junk shop. Perfect for days with a bit of chill, but not downright cold.

Sunflowers! I guess I have a weak spot for these beauties. They’re the first flower I tried growing in my own yard, and they’ve taken off. The first ones were massive, but they cross bred with smaller varieties, and now the ones that pop up every year are like this pretty bloom.

Seedums are another favorite plant. It’s hard to kill these things, which is probably why we still have so many of them. The flowers turn into such a lovely color as the temperature drops.

As melancholy as the changes in the leaves makes me, I still enjoy it. Our burning bush out back is already turning, but it’ll be pretty amazing when its colors blaze to life.

What about you? What are your favorite things about autumn?

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