February Shop Feature – Stronghold Leather

I’ve always had a certain weakness for the medieval/fantasy look, so when I first stumbled across a pair of their clawpaws, like this one, I just had to check it out. The shop I found was Stronghold Leather on eBay, and they’ve graciously agreed to let me feature them for this month.

As hard as it was to choose, here are my three favorite listings.

Mini/Small Black Leather Purple Claw Gloves

Being rather small, it’s rare to find goodies like this that aren’t too big on me. These clawpaws were made with those of us who aren’t particularly big in mind. Extremely cool.

Small Sealing Jar w/Handtooled Leather Decor

Y’know, part of our remodeling plans is to completely redo our kitchen. If jars with gorgeous handtooled leather like these are still for sale when we get around to it, I’ll probably order a few when decoration time rolls around. These jars look great for storing many things, though in my case, I’d probably use them for dried herbs from our garden. Beautiful and utilitarian!

Basketball Hide Belt Pouch

Talk about a unique find! This belt pouch looks like it’d fit the essentials, and you’d be the only one to have one like it. Very neat idea, and high quality to boot!

If you enjoy LARPing, the fantasy look or just enjoy leather goods, I highly suggest checking their store out on eBay. You can also find them on tumblr and Facebook, for more info on what they’re up to.

I’d like to thank the kind and exceptionally skilled folks over at Stronghold for letting me feature some of their outstanding worth, this month! Your work is inspiring and a joy to behold.

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