Finished goodies, works in progress and plans!

Ah, yes, the crafting bug is gnawing on my fingertips. The writing bug has, too, along with the cleaning bug. Were they any other kind of bugs, I’d call an exterminator.

Anyway, I’ve finished and listed the pot holders and coasters I made during the last couple Crochet Basics entries. They may not be the most ornate things ever, but I do hope someone decides to give them a home.

 They’re pretty cute, though not perfect. You can find them here for $5.00.

These potholders are also listed for $5.00 here.

Though, if you order them (or anything else from my shop) today, you can get an extra 15% off with coupon code OUCHMYFEET. I didn’t do a great job of publicising the sale, but oh well. It also looks like Storenvy’s hosting a site-wide 30% sale to boot.

I usually schedule shipping for the next business day, so delivery’s pretty swift, and I ship internationally.

Anyway, on to the works in progress!

Yeah, it doesn’t really look like much, but this will be an adjustable headband after blocking and buttons are sewn on.

This one was originally going to be another headband, but as I knit, the image of a purse came to mind. So, eventually, this will be an over the shoulder purse. I couldn’t resist including my adorable little Raphael cell phone charm.

He’s such a cute little ninja turtle.

As for plans? Here’s what I’ll be working on this weekend/later today:

  • Mixing up some homemade kitchen cleaner, shower cleaner, carpet deodorizer, stove scrub and bathroom cleaner (if there’s still lemon juice in the fridge). I’ll be cleaning today, obviously, but I’ll also be posting a hub about how to make and use all of those, too. It’ll be posted on Facebook and assorted other social media outlets when I finally get it in decent shape.
  • Handmade birthday cards! Winnie’s Inky Fingers has inspired me. Pictures will be posted once the recipients get them.
  • Button hole examples for Monday’s Crochet Basics.

The long term plans include:

  • Double sided scarves and key chain characters from dystopian stories for next year’s Art Show for CONvergence. After the chaos from last year, I figured I’d start with patterns now. There will be zombies on one of the scarves. I might do 1984 and Brave New World inspired scarves, too. I may not be a huge fan of the genre, but there are some great quotes from both of those books.
  • Quilting. I’ve been meaning to figure out how to do that, but haven’t had the chance.
  • Experiments in polymer and doll making.
  • Costumes for con, but that’s in the future, too.

I’m also considering putting together a newsletter. Would there be any interest in that?

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture of one of my feline helpers to cue the start of the weekend!

This sweetheart has wanted so much attention this week. Don’t worry, baby girl, we’ll be sticking around for a long time.

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  1. Thank you! My grandmother had sent a whole bunch of yarn my way last year, and most of it is pastel/baby weight, so I'm trying to use it up, since I prefer heavier yarn and richer colors. 🙂

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