Flowery Muffins?

I really need this coffee to kick in. I’m so ready to nod off. How do I keep messing my sleep schedule up like this?

Anyway, while I got nothing done in terms of mending, knitting or more permanent crafts, I did get a little baking with my mom and flower arranging done over the past couple weeks.

That one lily bloomed beautifully.

I may take out some of the smaller roses, since they’re suffering. Some of the larger roses might be dried, as well, but I haven’t decided what I want to do with these on a long term basis, yet. For now, I’m just enjoying their presence on my desk.

Every time I get a bouquet of flowers, I’m reminded of how nice it is to have fresh blooms inside. I think to myself, “Hm…it’d be nice to have fresh flowers on a regular basis,” and plan on picking more up the next time I’m at the store.

Oddly enough, that never happens. Maybe I should look into finding some more flowering plants.

Speaking of which, here’s an updated pic of my pretty little African Violet.

Those will be some pretty little blossoms when they open. I’m a little surprised that I haven’t killed the thing off yet. I still have the mother-in-law’s tongue plant, too.

Maybe my indoor plant record is improving, huh?

As for baking, my mom and I made a slew of pumpkin mini-muffins. They were pretty good.

The ones in wrappers went with us to assorted Thanksgiving get togethers, while we just nibbled on the others throughout the week. I think I’ll make up another batch this weekend.

I like having healthy breakfast options that require no work to prepare. Obviously, I’m not a morning person.

Now, let’s see if I can hold the sandman off long enough to remain conscious until bed time.

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