Four Fun Chinese Lantern Plant Craft Ideas

I’m still hunting for ideas which use Chinese lantern plants, outside of boquets of dried flowers, but it looks like there just aren’t as many out there as I’d hoped. However, these are some of my favorites so

Yep, harvest time will happen soon.


Chinese Lantern Plant Children
These little guys are absolutely adorable! I’ll need to try my hand at making some of them at some point.

Autumn Wreath
I’ve seen quite a few of these kicking around, too. If I can find a tutorial, I may give it a try. They’re so unique and lovely, plus they seem like a good way of recycling some of the stuff that needs to be removed from the garden come cold weather anyway.

Y’know, I had never thought to grow Chinese lanterns in a pot. I wonder how well they’d do through the year? The come back every summer, so maybe they wouldn’t do too badly indoors.

Then again, I don’t exactly have the best history with house plants, so I’m not sure if I’d want to doom them to that fate.

Table Decorations
Those flowers do pair beautifully with candles. I really like the idea of putting a votive candle holder in a larger glass and filling the space in with the flowers.

I had also seen ideas of making garlands out of them, which may be a simple, but still pretty, idea for decorating for a fall get together. We’ll have to see how it goes.

In other news, keep an eye on my shop, Snowshine Gifts! There will be a couple new listings up shortly!

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