Friday Cosplays at CONvergence

So, today was our first day at con. Of course, I had a problem with remembering where I put stuff – including my camera. I did manage to lose a bottle of water and at least two programs, though.

Thankfully, I always knew where it was, which means it was either in the car or the hotel room. However, I did get three whole pictures of some epic cosplays.

These folks are all Death Eaters from the Harry Potter fandom. Each of them had a matching tattoo, and the same sort of style. It was great.

Here’s a Lady Doctor! This year’s theme is British Invasion, which is especially entertaining because the first day was technically the 4th of July. There were lots of great doctors, but her scarf was one of the best.

Saving the best for last! This gent made his armor by hand. Since the rush of the con is so crazy, we didn’t really get the chance to chat much, but it looked like real metal, but it was still light enough for him to wear comfortably.

Tomorrow and Sunday, however, I will actually remember my camera, now that the rush of travelling and the first day is over.

If you recognize yourself or any of the others featured here, feel free to leave a comment, and I can credit accordingly! Fantastic work!

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