Friday Fabulosity

I’ve been relatively productive this week!

The knitting part of the purse is finished. Now, I just need to put it all together with lining and cotton batting, to give it some better shape.

As I had worried, I’d run out of yarn before I could finish that shawl I had been working on earlier. Instead of trying to match yarn, I just decided to unravel it and try for a different one. This is the start.

I also needed an easy project to keep my hands busy while my mind was otherwise occupied.

Well, you already knew about these from Wordless Wednesday, but they’re worth a cropped version, right? I might either write a how to up either here or on HubPages, since I wrapped these in two different styles.

And here’s the custom necklace I’d made with the tooth not pictured in the prior photo. I still have enough shells to make two more necklaces like this, which I may do with brown and tan cord instead of the black.

And a good time was had by all.

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