Friday Fictioneers – There ARE Better Hiding Places

It’s been a while since I’ve done Friday Fictioneers! Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting.

This is loosely based on a guy I used to know.

A swamp full of lilly pads and tall grasses.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Word Count: 100

There ARE Better Hiding Places

Scratching at his angry hives, he took a drag from a cheap cigarette. “…thin I hid in the swamp.” A smug grin covered his blotchy face.
Marsha restrained herself from swatting his hand away. “Idiot. You’d be lucky if you didn’t get a parasite or something.”
Bill snorted. “Hey, I’m not goin’ back to jail!”
She selected the right one and shifted the bag of groceries on her hip. “You’re not staying here.”
“Whatever. Shoulda known you wouldn’t help me.” He displayed the single finger solute.
She ignored the gesture. “Pal, the only one who can help you is you.”

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