Friday Full of Crafty Goodies!

This has been a pretty productive week. In addition to the below crafts, I’ve ordered yarn for a holiday gift, reached a milestone in my novel and done assorted other writing things.

Well, this isn’t exactly complicated, but I did make a very simple necklace out of one of my shark teeth. I need to trim the ends of the slipknots out of picture, but I like the simplicity of this type of jewelry. These necklaces are great, because you can customize the length, so they’ll fit just about anyone.

There’s the cat bed. It really is more like a nest, but I think that’s part of why our tabby seems to like it. Our black and white kitty is rather perplexed by it, though. He sniffs around, paws at it, stands in it, but won’t lie down in it.

The goofball.

By the way, I put it there, because that’s one of their favorite spots to lie in. The other is at my feet, against the wall, when they’re not occupying my lap, that is.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve made a fair amount of progress on this scarf! I absolutely love this pattern, but I have a hard time keeping the stitch count straight. Yesterday, I had to unravel and redo one row about three times before I finally got it right.

This is going to be an awesome scarf whenever I finally get done with it.

At least I caught the mistake before I got too far along. There are few things more frustrating than having to redo half of your work because of one miscount.

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