Friday Updates – WIP, New Listing and One Day Sale

Cute, isn’t it?
This lil’ guy’s available
for purchase here.

As anyone with any sort of way to hear commercials in the US knows, today’s Black Friday.


However, it is also my birthday!


In the spirit of staying young at heart, I’ve implemented coupon code WHIPPERSNAPPER at Snow Shine Gifts, both on Etsy and on Storenvy. Use that code to get an extra 34% for today only.

You can also get free shipping on Etsy with coupon code GIVETHANKS.

The grand opening sale is still going on over at Storenvy, too. 10% off with coupon code GRANDOPEN.

Now that the advertising is out of the way, on to what I’ve been up to craft-wise this week! Ok, so I don’t have a whole lot to show off. I made two suncatchers, but the first one I made won’t be shown until the recipient gets it in the mail. (You know who you are.)

The other one is already pictured at the start of this entry.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing mending, which is obviously not super exciting, and I’ve started in on my first attempt at making flippy gloves!

Yes, indeed. That’s a cuff. I did that late last night.

I’m pretty confident about how to do most of it, but I’m still unsure about how to make the thumb. I’ll probably end up doing some research, if I can’t work a way out on my own.

I also plan on making some more coffee-mug cozies. If I can figure out a way to list custom orders on Storenvy, I’ll open up to custom requests there. If not…


I’ll probably make a new page for custom requests on my Crafty Paranormal Writer page.

In other news, my awesome mother in law gave me a bag of buttons, yesterday!

Lots of little baggies, too.

Can’t get enough cute buttons, especially when I use them in crafty type things.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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