Friday Work In Progress

Once again, this has been a light week, craft wise.

However, I did stumble across a lovely craft out of Africa. Since the dolls are also known as Duduza Dolls, which is Swahili for “Comfort”, I’m guessing they originated somewhere in East Africa. From what I’ve read, Swahili is mostly spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, so maybe they can be traced to one of those countries?

More research is in order. Any excuse to learn about different cultures!

Anyway, these little dolls are given to children who are struggling with things like disease, loss or anything else that causes serious distress.

Here’s my WIP:

I’m just using some scrap yarn, and I may dip further into all of the baby weight yarn to make smaller dolls.

The pattern I’m working off of is here, and I’ll be including this project in a Tutorial Try next week.

I love the idea of making something huggable for people in need of an emotional bolster.

As for home improvement, nothing has happened this week. My husband has started his seasonal work again, and I’m itching to start some seeds, since the snow is finally melting.

I think I’ll map out the garden(s) first, before doing that. I came across a very cool idea for fabric pots that I want to try if I can find the tutorial again.

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