Fun and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s almost the big gift giving day for the majority of revellers, and many folks are ready to get their gifts wrapped! If you’re in the mood to add a unique touch to your gifts, these quick and easy ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

Snowflakes and Small Crafts
Earlier this year, I made a bunch of crochet snowflakes, thinking I’d use them as part of a garland. I opted not to, but as I was wrapping gifts this year, I decided to use them in the place of bows instead. They worked nicely, though I didn’t get any pictures before shipping the goodies out.

I’d made this for a wedding gift, but the same idea
can apply to holiday gifts. (Cheesy poem not required.)

This is a great way to use little craft experiments you may have made earlier, but didn’t know what to do with once you finished them. If you don’t have any on hand, many small crafts don’t take a long time to make, and they can be reused after the gift has been opened.

It’s amazing what you can make with origami. I’ve used it for tags, so far, but it can also be used in place of bows or ribbons, and as a way of customizing gifts to reflect the recipient’s or giver’s personalities.

Small Stuffed Toys
This is a great idea for kids, especially. There’s always the thrill of finding out what’s under all that wrapping, but getting a bonus gift is a great thing, too, right?

A fun way to shower someone you love with kisses without the germ exchange, using candy in the place of bows is a sweet way to show your appreciation. If you’re handy in the kitchen, using confectioneries you made yourself adds an extra special note to the day.

Silk Flowers
One of my former schoolmates wraps exquisite gifts every year, then posts pictures for all to admire. I’ve noticed that he sometimes uses silk flowers to great effect. Personally, I think this is a great idea. They add echos of warmer days, and if you do a little research beforehand, can add quite a bit of symbolism to the gift.

All of the ideas I gave in this entry are pretty easy to find or carry out yourself, and add some more individuality to the gifts you give.

If anyone would like to share their gift wrapping masterpieces, feel free to put a link in the comments section or on whatever social network you find this on. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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