Fun Friday…Crafts!

I couldn’t think of an “F” word with the correct meaning.

Ah well.

SO! This week has been the week for making adorable little dolls.

Remember that super cute kitty tutorial I tried last month? Well, I made another kitty for my mother in law!

Such a cute little surprise kitty.

She rather liked it. I also liked how this one turned out better than the first one. That sewing pin tip really worked!

Today, I finished the Leonardo Ninja Turtle for my hubby’s Valentine’s Day gift.

He turned out SO CUTE. Hubby got a giggle out of this little guy, too. I may need to make myself a Raph. His shell will be a little bigger, though, and his arms will be less lopsided.

As for renovations, hubby was able to redo the walls in the bathroom-to-be.

Basically, he just made some more room for the toilet and sink. We found a masticating unit, which means we won’t need to do much digging, if any at all.

Exciting stuff, huh?

Anyway, what are my big plans for the day? Hopefully grocery shopping, since the last bagel was moldy, and all we have to eat is ham, ramen, bread, rice and assorted condiments.


We’re such romantics!

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