Fun Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

I can’t believe Halloween is Thursday! Where did October go?

Beats me.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my plans only involve handing out goodies and researching new furnaces. Fun times.

However, if you have parties to go to, but haven’t had a chance to put together a great costume, here are some ideas you might enjoy.

Easy Astronaut

This super cute astronaut costume can be easily used for an adult costume, too. It doesn’t look like it’d take that long to do, either.

I do wonder where she got that uber-shiny duct tape, though. The stuff I find in stores are either patterned or have more of a matte finish.

Cereal Killer
This one’s a little on the old side, but always fun. All you’d need is the following:

  • A black robe (as found in costume shops and some thrift stores) or just a black outfit
  • A toy sickle (again found in many costume shops and some thrift stores)
  • An empty cereal box

Put on the black clothing, cut a hole in the cereal box and stick the sickle through, and there you have it.

Even more simply, you could just carry a box of cereal around and eat out of it every time to demonstrate the sinister nature of your costume.

Yes, I love puns, why do you ask?

Horns and Ears?

The narration on this video was annoying, but the tutorial about making the unicorn horn, cat ears and devil horns was pretty decent. The projects are all very quick, especially if you already have all the materials on hand.

Leopard Lady and Marge Simpson

The first idea will take some practice, especially if you’re not very experienced with makeup, but her take on Marge is so simple. Great stuff.

Lion, Ghost Writer and Table

A little corny maybe (the ghost writer had me groaning), but these are very cute ideas!

Regardless of what you do, have fun and be safe!

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