Gem Feature – Unakite

Sometimes, I forget all about some of my favorite stones, only to rediscover them later. One such stone is unakite.

Unakite beads, and a pair of earrings made from
it and snow quartz.

History and Formation of Unakite
Unakite was originally found in North Carolina in the Unakas mountains. This lovely green and pink mottled stone is a type of granite made up out of quartz, feldspar and epidote. Although it’s common in the US, it’s also been found in parts of Africa and China. It’s usually a combination of pink and green, but either color can dominate the piece.

Owing to its unique coloration and the fact it polishes nicely, unakite is most commonly used in jewelry or carved keepsakes. It has been used as tile before, as well.
Healing Properties
Like most stones, this one is also believed to have some metaphysical powers, as well. Because of its dual coloration, this is a stone of balance, and is often used to help in matters of the heart. Green is also seen as a healing color, so some people use it to speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery. It’s also traditionally used to increase fertility and encourage a healthy pregnancy.

On an emotional level, unakite is said to relieve stress, balance tumultuous emotions and assist in eliminating addictive tendencies. It’s also used to encourage sleep and open the third eye.

Regardless of whether you work with it for metaphysical reasons or simply because it’s such a lovely stone, unakite is a great option if you’d like a piece with a unique color scheme. The pink and green remind me of the oncoming spring, so it seems like a great seasonal stone to me.

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