Green Things and a Scarf In Progress

I’ve been busy this week! I’ve designed two patterns to use in my first scarf for the Art Show at CONvergence, and actually started the sucker.

Not too bad so far.

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out so far, but it takes a lot more brainpower than I thought it would. All the counting, and keeping colors straight is something my three remaining brain cells aren’t that thrilled with.

Also, there has been progress with my seeds! Yay!

The morning glories are slowly working their way up, and cilantro seems pretty happy. Still nothing for the other seeds, though. Though the seeds were all pretty old, the fact these two are popping up gives me some hope for the rest.

The morning glories are camera shy, apparently. I couldn’t get the focus right for some reason.

C’mon, little flowers, you can do it!

I may need to split these hoodlums up.

Cilantro is very happy indeed.

Earlier this week, the weather was nice enough to melt most of the snow pack, so I’d decided to go out to see how the yard was doing. So far, outside of a little green in the grass here and there, the various catnip plants throughout the yard are already coming back.

Our kitties are going to be very happy. I may need to make some cat toys and put them up for sale. What do you think?

Before I could get out to get some pictures, though. This happened.

Taken this morning.

Stupid snow. I do not approve of your presence.

I’m currently debating about whether or not to shovel it. The weather folks all say it’ll be mostly gone by the day after tomorrow.

I’m itching to rip the plastic off the windows, throw them open and give the house a good spring cleaning. Winter needs to go away!

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