Growing Things and Yarny Things

This scarf is driving me nuts. I’ve had to backtrack in this pattern so many times that part of me just wants to do something else.

Argh. I feel like this should be further along.

I have quite a few tails to weave in when I finish knitting. If I finish it.

So frustrated.

Instead of giving myself a concussion by banging my head into a wall, I decided that I’ll start a blanket with that puff ball technique I learned earlier in the week.

Hey, look! A corner.

It should end up being interesting. I’m not following a pattern or anything, either. This is more a project to keep my fingers busy while my mind’s busy with something else.

On the seedling front, they’re pretty happy. A little thyme seedling has poked its head up, too!

So many oregano plants. The thyme seedling is on the right side of the picture, about halfway to the top.

Morning glories are happy, too.

My, what crinkly leaves you have.

Renovations are pretty much on hold for now. Hubby’s working full time with landscaping stuff, so he doesn’t have as much time to work on it as he did.

Fun times, huh?

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