Guess what Friday is? (Hint, there’s a sale involved.)

Sale applies to custom orders
like these gauntlets, too.

It’s math related.

It’s also food related.

It’s my favorite day in March.

That’s right! It’s Pi Day!

Indeed, it’s the math geek holiday that even those of us who aren’t that great at math love.

In celebration, I’m hosting a 31% off sale over at StorEnvy. Head on over, check out the offerings, and enter code piday to get the discount.

I’m also on ebay, and will be adding a new item there at the end of the week. You can get goodies there at a lower price when you bid, or you can just pick them up with the Buy Now option.

However, if you actually bake me a pie and send it over, you might win yourself an extra discount, ’cause the way to my heart is certainly through my stomach.

Pie is good.

I’m also hungry. Maybe I should avoid writing blog entries when hungry (and pie-less).

Anyway! The sale lasts through Monday.

And now, just so this entry isn’t completely promotional, enjoy an extremely cool musical rendition of the number!

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