Handmade Bookmarks and Typography How To Videos

So, as my last entry stated, I’ve been pretty busy. Fortunately, that busyness hasn’t really cut into my productivity. I have finished, or at least mostly finished, the bookmarks that I talked about a while ago.

So, here are a couple of preview pictures!
The uh…marker part of the bookmarks? Those are real leaves, clovers and flowers.

The dangley bits.
We’ve reached that magical time of year where the sun sets at 5 PM or before and, well, let’s face it, I’m not much of a morning person.
What does that mean? That means I have to rig something up so I can take some decent pictures of the bookmarks before I can get them up for sale. Hopefully that will happen in the nearish future.
Anyway, my next learning endeavor involves letter art. I’ve wanted to learn this for a while, but haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and actually practice. I have a calligraphy set, which I’ve used on occasion and enjoyed it, but there’s has really been anything by way of mastery.
So I figured I would get started with a couple of videos and go from there.

I really like Shoo Rayner. Actually, I did a little write up about him here on my other blog last year. Anyway, I really like his advice of examining fonts that you’d like to write like. I may end up doing that in the near future.

These progression videos are so cool.

I like her method of studying font, and the demonstration of how to lay out the piece is very helpful.

How many of my readers have ever experimented with letter art? If so, would you like to provide a link to some of your work? I’d love to see it.

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