Hey, Hey Peach Muffin!

Since I was already up at five-mumble this morning, I thought I’d try being a little productive – by baking peach muffins! Vegan(ish) muffins, at that, off of this recipe.

The bird flu outbreak this past winter hit poultry farms hard, which means eggs
are more expensive than usual. Since I don’t eat many eggs anyway, thanks to a sensitivity, I didn’t want to buy a dozen just to use one or two.

Anyway, I made a couple of changes to the recipe:

  • I used cow’s milk instead of alternatives, since hubby drinks white milk, but I barely touch the stuff outside of baking. He won’t even look at milk alternatives, so it’s just less wasteful to get a half gallon.
  • I used coconut flour.
  • Coconut oil was used instead of canola, ’cause I like coconut oil more.

I know they look burned, but they’re not. That’s just the coconut oil from the pan. I can’t taste any difference, so it’s all good.

They turned out…alright. They’re not inedible, but they’re not my favorite things ever, either. The recipe calls for way, way too much ginger. It’s to the point where that’s all I can taste, outside of the tasty brown sugar crunchies on top. I’ll probably dab butter on them as I pick away at them this week.

If I try this particular recipe again, I think I’ll only use about a third of the ginger, so I can at least taste the cinnamon and peach. This recipe was also VERY dry. I had to add more apple sauce and milk to get the consistency correct.

It would probably have been different if I used canned peaches, like the author did, since the juice would add more moisture. I chopped up a whole peach and used that, since I prefer using raw, uncanned ingredients when possible.

We’ll see what future tries bring.

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