Holy Yarn, Batman!

So, my wonderful mom paid us a visit this weekend. I wish she could have stayed a bit longer, but it was sort of a last minute thing, and the weather wasn’t really cooperating, so I guess it was for the best.

Amongst other things, she brought me quite a bit of yarn and fabric. By “quite a bit” I mean HUGE garbage bag full and good sized shopping back full. Once we got through it, we found out the following –

  • The yarn alone filled two bankers boxes
  • Half of one box was filled with white yarn
  • Fabric filled a box and a half
  • My grandmother has quirky taste in hats
I approve, as does my Halloween appropriate cat.

┬áSo, what does that mean? Well, I’ll be doing quite a bit of sewing in the near future, AND quite a bit of knitting/crochet. I won’t be looking for yarn for Endure4Kindness, anymore! Of course, donations are always welcome.

I’ve actually already starting in on the yarn. You’ll recognize the coasters, but the long brown thing will remain a mystery until I get everything blocked and finished off completely.

That big red and black thing is actually going to be a rucksack when I’m done with it.

Strangely enough, despite all the new/old yarn, none of it matches that red perfectly. I’ll probably just finish it off in black before adding lining and straps.

Stay tuned for new products, upcoming sales and further tomfoolery!

‘Scuse me while I borrow the new hat my mom brought for my hubby. It should come in handy, since he works outside.

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