Homemade Cleaning Products – How Well Does Lemon Work on Sinks?

When I clean, I try to avoid chemical based cleansers as much as possible. My lungs just can’t stand

All you need is lemon and salt.

up to bleach, and I find the lingering smell unpleasant at best.

As I researched homemade cleansers, I found a lot of uses for lemons. Some of them made perfect sense, like stain removal or bleaching, but hard water stain removal and porcelain cleaning interested me.

So, I decided to give it a try on our disgusting bathroom sink, and share the results with you, my awesome readers.

For the porcelain, I attempted to make a lemon/salt paste, as suggested on numerous web pages.

To make it, I just squeezed the juice out of half of the lemon, added a couple tablespoons of salt and stirred. What I got was more of a salt/lemon soup.

It still worked, but it’s not very pasty.

Two things of note:

  • Next time, I should probably look up a recipe for the paste. Or maybe I just didn’t stir it long/vigorously enough. Either way, so long as you get salt on the sponge along with the lemon juice, it’ll work.
  • If you want to use this method on a sink bigger than one you find in a typical bathroom, use the whole lemon or two, not just half. I almost ran out before I finished with mine.

If you’re squeezing the lemon by hand, make sure you don’t have any cuts first, or wear gloves. Apparently, I’d scraped a knuckle earlier today without realizing it, and lemon juice in any sort of wound hurts.

Anyway, this is what the sink looked like before.

I should probably increase the frequency of my bathroom cleaning.

I’d have made a terrible 1950s house wife. Hubby’s also a very hardworking landscaper, so he brings home quite a bit of dirt with him.

After taking the picture, I got to scrubbing. The hardest stuff, as always, was the soap residue, but the dirt all went much more easily than I thought it would. It worked just as well, if not a bit better, than the chemical cleaners I’ve used in the past, and my breathing is just as clear as it was when I started. It didn’t take all that long to do, either.

Here’s the result:

That’s real shiny, all rinsed off and everything.

As for the faucet, I basically just rubbed the un-juiced lemon half over as much of it as I could, like so:

I didn’t buy those gloves with the intention of matching citrus fruit.

For the spots I couldn’t get with the lemon itself, I just got as much lemon juice as I could on the sponge-corner and cleaned with that.

Eh. It’s alright.

The faucet turned out about as nicely as it would if I were using cleaners, but it’s something. I still tried it on our shower head and bathtub faucet.

There it worked very nicely. It also broke up some of the residue that sent jets flying off to the side in our shower head.

Overall, I really like the job lemon did on the sink and faucets. The bathroom smells lemony fresh, and I don’t feel the need to run for my inhaler.

Yep, I’d say lemon works pretty well as a sink cleaner.

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