How to Crochet a Reusable Cool Compress

Ready for the fridge.

When you’re hit with the nasty sinus problems that come with cold/flu season, few things feel better than a nice cool compress on the eyes. It helps with swelling and might help bring a low grade fever down a bit.

Since I’m struggling with just that right now, I thought it was time to use up some extra yarn, flax seed and dried herbs to crochet myself a nice, reusable compress.


  • size US 7.5/3.75 mm crochet hook
  • extra bulky yarn (left over from a couple of other projects)
  • Flax seeds
  • Dried chamomile

If I decide to make another one of these, I’ll probably end up using a lighter weight yarn, but the extra bulky worked pretty well. The idea is to use a hook/yarn combination that produces a tight enough knit to keep the stuffing from coming out.

You can also use rice instead of flax seed, and different herbs. I just used chamomile because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its soothing aroma.

You can change this pattern for bigger or smaller compresses. For tips on crochet, check out my crochet basics master page.

Chain 18 stitches

Step 1: Single stitch into front and back rows. Place the marker when you get to where you started.

This sets up the bottom of the pouch.

Step 2: Single stitch into each stitch in the round until the pouch is around 6.5 to 7 inches long. If you’d like a shoulder/neck compress, make the pouch longer. Once it’s long enough, keep the yarn intact, but either weave in loose ends or turn it right side out.

You’ll have a pouch something like this.

Step 3: Fill the pouch about halfway full with rice/flax seed and dried herbs.

Step 4: Either sew or crochet the remaining edge closed. Since I didn’t feel like hunting a yarn needle down, I crocheted it shut.

Now, you can either put your little satchel in the freezer or fridge until it’s nice and chilled or just lie down and set it over your eyes. I personally find just the gentle pressure helps sooth minor headaches for some reason. The yarn should hold enough chill to take care of a little swelling that causes sinus headaches, too.

If you use iron safe yarn, you may be able to heat it a little for a warm compress, but I’d use caution when trying that.

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