How to Knit Basic Double Sided Crafts

Have you ever seen those double sided scarves or blankets and wonder how it was done? Recently, I figured out how. Why not share what I’ve learned?

Bear in mind, this is just the method I use. There are quite a few others out there, and you may do it differently.

Cast On, knitting, purple and whiteWhen you do double sided knitting, you’ll need two colors. Casting on for double sided knitting is very similar to casting on for regular knitting, but you’ll be using two strands of yarn instead of one. This is because one color will show up on the front of the project, and the other will show up on the back.

The thing you want to keep an eye on, though, is that you keep the two colors of yarn in the same sequence. Since I was using purple and white yarn, I used the order purple, then white.

It’s a good idea to establish that order in the beginning, because as you knit, you’ll need to establish a rhythm relying on it.

If you do accidentally switch the color order, you can just pull one color over the other, at this stage.


To create color on the side facing you, you’ll knit that color. For color on the other side, you’ll purl that color. In this background, I knit the white yarn and purled the purple. When it came time to switch, I purled the white yarn and knit the purple.

It helps to think of a single stitch as being a combination of those two colors.

For example, this flower: 

double sided knitting, double knitting, flower, pansy,

Was knit off of this pattern that I’d created:, flower pattern, pansy, knitting pattern, crochet pattern
Yeah, I’m real high tech.

Obviously, I’m still working on getting gauge right on my patterns.

Anyway, each square represented a stitch. The shaded areas on the pattern represented purple, while the background was white. As I was knitting, each square got one color knit and one color purled.

Pretty simple, right?

It is! Just remember to move BOTH colors between the needles as you switch between knitting and purling. If not, you will get bits of the wrong color among the one you want.

If you want to switch yarn colors completely or run out of yarn, just add the new yarn as you would as usual.

Bind Off
When I first learn how to do something, I look for the simplest way possible. That’s why I bind off this type of knitting similarly to how I cast it on., double knitting bind off First, I knit two stitches with both the white and purple yarn. When binding off, the order doesn’t matter as much as much as when you’re casting on, but keeping the same order does ensure a more even color distribution., double knitting bind off I then slip the needle holding the worked stitches into the first new stitch and carefully pull it over the second stitch., double knitting bind off Lastly, I slip the needle with the worked stitches from the one I’d pulled over the stitch on the other needle.
My method is just like binding off regular knitting, but with two colors instead of one.
There are several other methods out there, each with their own advantages. The method I use produces a pretty braided look at the ends of the project, but there are ways to get different looks.
This is pretty simple, but once you get the basics down, you can move on to more detailed, complicated projects.
Happy knitting!
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