How to Make a Puff Ball With Yarn

I probably could have done a better job trimming that ball.

Have you gotten to the end of a project and realized that you’re missing finishing accessories? Yeah, I have, too.

In fact, that’s why I learned how to make these puff balls. This is an extremely easy DIY way of
making finishing accessories for toys, hats or random fun.

You’ll need three things for this craft:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • A rectangular piece of cardboard, plastic or stiff paper

If you’d like a larger puff ball, use a thicker piece of cardboard, which means if you want a smaller one, use a thinner piece. Since the one I made for this entry was just a example, I used one of my business cards and some left over yarn.

First, you wrap the yarn around whatever you’re using. For a fuller ball, wrap until you have a good sized bulge towards the middle. Also, try not to wrap it so tightly that it’s hard to manipulate, but not so loosely that it will fall off.

This why the ball in the first picture isn’t quite as fluffy as it could be.

Next, slip the yarn off the side of the card, and hold it in the middle with thumb and pointer. This is so you can avoid having it fall apart.

Kind of squishy.

Tie a length of yarn around the middle of the bundle. I tend to wrap it around a couple of times before tying the knot for a tiny bit of extra stability.

You’ll want to pull it tight, so it won’t come apart later.

As you can see, the ball already starts to flair at this point.

Next, cut the loops at the top and bottom of the ball. I find this part fun, since as you cut, the yarn kind of springs out on its own.

This is what it’ll look like once the top loops are all cut.

Once everything’s cut, fluff the strands of yarn, so you have a general ball shape.

That’s real poofy.

Lastly, trim longer strands to match the shorter strands. This part can be a little tricky, since it can be hard getting all of the long pieces in one go. I usually end up noticing more uneven spots after I attach it to whatever I made it for.

These are great for toys, hats and anything else regarding a puff ball! They’re also ridiculously fun to make.

Remember the goofy looking bunny? This is how I made his tail.

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