How to Make Crochet TMNT Ornaments

While there aren’t many traditions I observe this time of year, I have adopted the idea of getting or making a new decoration for our Yule Tree. In 2013, I made a lovely garland, and wrote up the pattern here. This year, I made a set of four TMNT ornaments!

What You Need

  • Green, red, blue, purple and orange yarn (they’re small, so if you have scrap yarn in those colors, you can use that)
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • 6 mm safety eyes in whatever colors you’d like
  • scissors
  • plastic needle
  • marker (optional)


1. 4 stitches in a magic circle
2. inc in each sc
3. inc in every other sc
4. inc in every 2 sc

An unfinished crochet project with the hook and marker still attached.You’ll have something that looks like this.

5-7. Sc all the way around
Switch to the mask color
8-10. Sc all the way aroundPut the eyes in stitches 7 and 10 on round 9
11. Sc all the way around
12. Dec every 2 sc
13. Dec every other sc
14. Dec until only 1 sc left

Once you’re at the final stitch, pull the loop until you can easily get the long tail through it. Pull that stitch tight around the looped tail and cut the yarn so there’s a decent length left.The top of a TMNT crochet ornament with the tail pulled through the last stitch.This part may get a little tricky, but thread the plastic needle with the remaining yarn tail and insert it into the knot formed by that last stitch. Then just pull the rest of the yarn down through the body of the ornament.

For added security, you can add a drop of craft glue or knot the yarn again.The top of a crochet ornament with a plastic needle stuck in it, viewed from above.While I ask that you not use this pattern to sell your creations or to replicate this pattern in any way, I would love to see your results! If you try it, feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your pictures.

Happy Winter Solstice!

TMNT ornaments on a Yule Tree

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