I wanna do it MYSELF. …unless I don’t.

Today, BlogHer asks, “Are you DIY or DIFM (Do It For Me)?”

There aren’t many dishes I like cooking myself,
but give me a crock pot and I’ll go to town.

I’d say I’m a combination of the two, like I think most people are. It really depends on the task at hand.

Oddly enough, power tools and cooking are equally intimidating.

The power tool thing might originate from when I dropped a box saw on my thumb in shop class. It shattered the nail, but I wasn’t hurt otherwise. It was still enough to make me wary of hurting myself again, though.

It also made me one of the only kids to have passed both shop and gym class (we were doing basketball at the time, and since it was my dominant hand…) by writing essays.

As for cooking? I’ve just never enjoyed it. You could say I have a slightly odd relationship with food. There are things I like eating more than others, and I do get cravings from time to time, but food isn’t really something I’m all that fond of. On a personal level, I look at it more as fuel than stress relief or a hobby.

I suppose there’s a psychological diagnosis for that somewhere.

That’s not to say I don’t try cooking. There are recipes I have a handle on, and I even write about them from time to time, but I don’t think food blogging would be for me.

Then again, there’s no harm in experimenting, right? Maybe I’ll discover a new love.

When it comes to textiles, home decor, making gifts and repairing small things around the house, though? I prefer doing those sorts of things myself.

That probably has to do with comfort zones. I’m much more comfortable fiddling with a needle and thread than an electric drill. Anyway, it’s fun creating something new from raw materials, or extending the life of something that gets used every day.

That’s why I end up writing a fair number of DIY posts and hubs.

My husband, however, is the polar opposite. He loves building things, and prefers doing home repairs instead of hiring someone to do them. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes, but he’s been like that since he was a kid.

I think it’s better to learn how to do most things yourself, though. There’s no harm in hiring a professional when you need to, but self sufficiency is still very important.

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