In which new business cards are prettier than my drawing.

Disclosure: This post has an affiliate link. Also a terribly drawn picture. Also, also, nifty new business cards. Only two of these have direct relationships.

June hasn’t been kind to me, so far. This morning was very rough, but when I got home from the errand I’d forced myself to run, I found an envelope in my mailbox. I knew it would be good when I saw the sticker:

Yay, indeed! My new business cards have arrived! My last batch were hopelessly outdated, and a little on the boring side, so I was already on the lookout for something more customizable, and could reflect my personality more.

Enter Moo. They offer a range of card sizes and shapes, as well as the option to print customized pictures on both sides of the card, in addition to your information.

Here’s how mine turned out:

I’d taken all of those pictures myself, and the quotes are all related to my LD blog, Alternative Wiring. The side with the butterfly has my name, the LD blog’s address, my twitter, Pinterest and Facebook info for that blog.

I’ll include this blog once I run out of these. That little box is quite nice, and comes with a couple complimentary separators, as well as a flattering card.

I like being delightful. It delights me.

The service is easy to use, as well. You select what kind of card you’d like, upload your patterns and enter your information. They’ll then give you a couple options of how to verify what the cards will look like.

I made my images using Adobe Photoshop, but Moo offers templates, and a pretty extensive help section on how to best pick your images. They also offer stickers (might give those a try eventually), fliers, post cards and a pretty wide range of other customizable products.

I’m very happy with my cards, and I can’t wait to start handing them out.

If you’d like to give them a try, give my referral link a click, and you’ll get 10% off your first order. (I’ll get a small credit for future purchases, too, but I’d suggest this service even if I didn’t.)

So much fun. Ok, now that my card-nerdery has been exposed, on to today’s drawing prompt – games.

Day Two of the Art Challenge: Games

Well, those are supposed to be two of my cats. They like playing this game where one stalks the other in plain sight. The stalker either tackles their victim or just shoots right past them.

Cats: Endless hours of entertainment.

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