It’s June already? How did that happen?

And me without a shop to feature. Looks like I’ll be looking for someone tomorrow!

Craft-wise, I’ve decided to add a last minute cosplay for CONvergence!

As you may already know, I’m a TMNT fan. They’re just so much fun, and packed with all sorts of nostalgia.

I’ve decided to take a punk angle on Raphael! I’m actually pretty well set, too. All I need to do is:

  • Put together some red and black jewelry (Earrings and necklace. Finally, use for my lava rock beads!)
  • Make a skirt
  • Pick up fun tights/leggings

I’m hoping to upcycle a t-shirt for the skirt with the help of the great book, Generation T. I just need to, y’know, find a shirt with a pattern I like. To the thrift stores I go!

For those who were paying attention last year, I’d made the following shirt based off of a pattern from that book:

Yeah, yeah, kinda dorky, but I still like it.

I might make a mask, too, but that’ll probably just be taken from the store bought costume I already have. It depends on how crafty I’m feeling, and how much I like the mask with the rest of the ensemble.

Anyway. Until then, dishes and housework calls!

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