It’s My Knitting Buddy!

This is what the row count
screen looks like.

One of the great allures of crafting is the thrill of being able to create something with only your hands, some tools and raw materials. Knitting and crochet are particularly amazing, because you can create almost anything from what amounts to a couple of sticks or a hook and a very long piece of string.

It’s probably for that reason I’ve somehow built a sort of psychological wall between the act of crafting and high tech gadgets.

Yeah, I’m silly.

A friend mentioned a crochet app a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if hers somehow keeps track of both stitches and rows, but it got me curious enough to hunt one down for myself. There ended up being quite a few free ones, but the one I decided to go with is Knitting and Crochet Buddy.

It keeps tabs on which row you’re on, and there’s the option to keep track of time spent on your projects. So far, I’ve only used it for the cat bed our tabby’s currently occupying and the dragon scarf I’m slowly chipping away at.

Despite being a relatively simple program, it’s been a huge help. When you finish a row, tap the big button. If you need to undo a row, or accidentally tap the big button too many times, you can fix it by tapping the little button.

I haven’t timed myself, as of yet, though. I just forgot to activate the timer when I started those two projects.

Anyway, since it’s free, there are ads, but I personally don’t mind them.

Even though I’m not about to go gadget crazy, this experience has opened my mind up to the various possibilities out there.

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