It’s spring in my office!

This has been one of those weeks where I’ve either been run off my feet, or in enough pain to stop me from being very productive. As far as the pain goes, that comes from a combination of wearing the wrong shoes on Monday and a migraine on Wednesday, but overall, it hasn’t been that bad of a week.

I got some great news and made some decent connections, so that’s always good, right?

As for my seedlings, so far 6 out of 10 cupped seedlings are doing brilliantly. My two squash seeds haven’t done anything yet, but I’ll give them some more time before giving up. Here’s what’s popped up, so far.

This teeny tiny little thing will one day grow into a butterfly bush. Right now, it still needs to shed the seed shell.

So far, morning glories seem to be the easiest plants to start from seed for me. Every time I tried, they always popped right up. Though, the one in the foreground kind of reminds me of something from an Aliens movie.

One little nasturtium, so far. I don’t know if the other one is going to make an appearance, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Next, we have this sweet pea. I can’t believe how quickly this thing grew. It was like it was a tiny little sprout one day, and the next it was suddenly well over an inch tall.

I may need to repot this one sometime this week.

And last, but most certainly not least, we have Clive.

Clive the Chive. I’m not sure why Clive strikes me as so much cuter than the rest, but it is quite an adorable little double-spike.

Ah, yes. Growing things are such fun, even if the focus is a bit off, when the pictures get transferred to the computer.

I SHOULD really get out there before the growing season gets into swing, so I can get rid of some of those established weeds.

Key word there would be “should”.

We all know how well I conform to that word.

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