Junk Shops and Antique Shops

Two of my favorite places to peruse are junk and antique shops. You never know what you’ll find, and some of them have some offer some pretty wild experiences. They also provide some great inspiration for projects down the line.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to check out a new favorite shop in Minneapolis, Hunt and Gather. My sister, step-mom and I spent so much time digging through everything from old furs, to quirky handmade things, old chemistry tools, taxidermy specimens and all sorts of other things.

Seriously, the displays themselves were enough to catch the attention.

Gives “leggy” a whole new meaning.
The first thing that caught my attention was all of the mannequin parts all over the place. They must have bought displays from clothing stores who either went out of business or upgraded. In addition to legs like the ones in the picture were arms, full bodies, torsos and a few dress forms that tempted me. 
They’d be great to display products I make, but we don’t have space to store any of them at this point. The prices seemed pretty reasonable.
This looks like something out of a horror flick, doesn’t it?
Some of the old displays were pretty creepy, especially when paired with other products, like the bird cage above. Next time I’m feeling blocked for my creepier stories, I know where to go.
Creative and a little creepy.
I’d love to know where this skull came from. I imagine it was an educational tool at one point. There were quite a few cross sections and educational posters mixed in with the rest of the goodies.
They’re watching you.
Maybe it’s just me, but taxidermy has always kind of creeped me out. The staff of the store hung things, like the deer head, from the ceiling all over the store. If you check the place out yourself, don’t forget to look up. If you’re not short, like I am, be prepared to duck in places.
Another story inspiration.
Of course, no antique, junk or thrift store is complete without creepy kids’ toys. This little girl was probably rather cute before her face cracked up, but now? She reminds me of some of the special effects on Supernatural. There were quite a few other emotionally scarring toys, too.
Got supplies for crafts, though!
At the end of the day, I was able to pick up some vintage patches for upcoming crafts, and quirky beads for jewelry at another cute shop.
In any case, Hunt and Gather was a hugely fun place to go. I got quite a few ideas for future crafts, but be warned if you have any sort of allergies. The place had that great ‘antique’ smell, but something about it set my sinuses off something fierce.

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