Just how much of my home deco is DIY?

How’d it get to be 8:00 already? Wow. Saturday flew by.

My springtime wreath.

Today, I decided to answer one of BlogHer’s prompts, “Do you like to make or buy home deco?”

This is a “depends on what it is” sort of answer.

If it’s sewn or made out of textiles, I do enjoy making my own home deco. I’ve made holiday decorations, my own frame decorations, a springtime wreath for my front door and a few other items. Sun catchers are also fun.

I don’t know, does cat-furniture count, too? We have some upcycled boxes for our kitties to hide in or perch on top of, and I did make that cat bed our tabby loves out of old sheets.

Unless it’s a collage type of thing, my skill in visual arts isn’t wall-worthy at all. I do have framed artwork from friends who were kind enough to put pieces together for me, though. I love original artwork, especially when there’s some sort of personal connection to it.

I also really like handmade furniture. Both of my biological grandfathers were very handy with that sort of thing, even though I don’t have any of their pieces in my home.

Generally, though, we purchase our furniture, and hit up garage sales or thrift shops for functional decoration.

Come to think of it, we have a fair number of toys that double as nick-snack. We are geeks, after all.

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