Keep Cool With These Summer Craft Ideas

Wow. It got humid here in a hurry. Phew.

It’s got me thinking about crafty ways to beat the heat. Of course, the first steps I can think of are as

Try as I might, I can’t hide from the heat, even under
my parasol. Or dandelions. Or yard work.
That grass grew SO fast.


1. Arrange the fans we own in a semi circle with business ends pointing inwards.
2. Turn fans on.
3. Thoroughly dowse self with aid of shower or garden hose.
4. Stand in the fan-circle and enjoy.

Obviously, that’s not practical, but it would probably get the job done. Maybe it’s time to do some brainstorming done, hm?

Cooling Neck Wraps
I’ve seen these around some stores and the internet. They look pretty useful, and it turns out they’re easy to make. This tutorial, for example,  is something I think I’ll try. All I need is to find some of those crystals.

Since my husband works outside, he might like one, depending on the fabric used.

Kids Water Table
If you spend much time in newer playgrounds, you might have seen one of the water table kids love to play with. They look like so much fun, too!

They’ve gotten popular enough that you can buy them in stores, but apparently they get pretty pricey. Unless you luck out in thrift stores or garage sales, you’ll probably end up paying a fair amount for one.

On the other hand, you might be able to make them. The Inspiration Thief has a cute example of a very simple one put together by a dad for his young son. No Time For Flashcards also has a good idea, especially if you’re not up for making a wooden frame. Now, if you want to get a little more complicated, Instructables has a pretty impressive tutorial for a table with fountains here.

If I had kids, I’d probably make one of these myself. Then again, I don’t have kids, and I still want to make one.

Make Your Own Parasol
I never would have thought of this one if I hadn’t come across this link on Fave Crafts. I know a couple of people who would probably get a lot of use from a parasol. I’ll add that to my “to try” list.

While we’re on the topic of parasols, I still have the one I carried at a friend’s wedding years ago. It’s pictured above. I would think a fabric parasol would probably be more durable, but paper can just be so lovely. Now that I look online, though, I can only find tutorials for small paper parasols. Ah well. That’s ok.

Of course, there are always water balloons, running through sprinklers and a huge variety of ice treats to choose from, too. Anyone care to share their favorite summer crafts? Maybe I’ll give them a try!

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