Kitchen Experiments: Dill Roasted Paleo Brussels Sprouts

In an attempt to balance my stressed out body and get back on the road to general health, I put out a call for recipes on Facebook. I got quite a few responses, so I’ll be posting a recipe review every week.

Although I’m not adhering to any particular diet, I still have dietary restrictions related to intolerances, allergies and general body shenanigans. Here are the restrictions:

  • Low to no acid
  • Low to no dairy
  • Low to no egg
  • Absolutely no seafood

This has nothing to do with personal taste, and everything to do with things out of my control.

The first recipe I decided to try was Dill Roasted Paleo Brussels Sprouts.

This particular recipe has a little acid in the form of lemon juice and onions, and I know the meat isn’t exactly alkali. However, leaving out the onion kept the acid content low enough that my stomach didn’t rebel.

Cooking-wise, this was a simple dish – always a plus in my lazy cook book. There were only around three total steps, and it was ready in under an hour. Since I don’t have a cast iron skillet, I transferred everything to a baking dish when the time came.

I loved the taste, too. There was the natural flavor of the sprouts, but it’s complimented nicely by the dill and lemon juice. The prosciutto, which I’d never had before, gave it a nice, salty kick to counter the bitterness of the sprouts and lemon. Since they are so flavorful, these would make a great side for a milder, or even subtly sweet, main dish.

The only drawback is that they do have an aroma that you might not enjoy.

If you like brussels sprouts, dill and lemon, I’d highly suggest this recipe!

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