Kitchen Experiments: Mixed Berry Coconut Granola (mini) ‘Muffins’

A close up shot of granola mini-muffins.

The next recipe I decided to try was something perfect for breakfast or snacks – muffins! Mixed Berry Coconut Granola ‘Muffins’ from OCD Kitchen, to be exact.

These things were AMAZING. Really, 10/10 will make again.

As the author had said in her original entry, it is a better idea to use silicone muffin liners than paper, because the paper did tear. I plan on looking for silicone liners the next time I’m at the grocery store, and that failing, I’ll just order them online.

That aside, these are delicious, and perfect for those of us who are lazy in the mornings. I know I didn’t leave them in the fridge long enough after baking them, so mine may have been a bit stickier than they should have been, but we’ll see with the next batch.

Since I only have a mini-muffin baking pan, mine ended up being smaller than hers were, too.

Most of the ingredients were easy to find, at least in my store. Oddly enough, the only one I couldn’t find was the dried blueberries. So, I just substituted those with a bag of mixed berries and dried fruit.

To be honest, I thought I’d have a harder time finding the hemp seeds and flax meal.

I’d suggest getting ingredients from those bulk stations where you bag your own nuts/berries/whatever to save yourself a little money, if you can. If you have the right appliances, you can chop your own walnuts, pecans and other ingredients.

That way, you won’t have a ton of leftovers if you didn’t like the recipe and your grocery bill will be lower.

That said, I’ll probably be making another batch, this week, because they’re just so perfect for my morning routine.

Here are some of the progress pics I caught.

Dry outmeal, berries, grains and dried berries blended together.

I felt like I was mixing up some sort of rat food when I was combining the dry ingredients. We used to keep rats, and this was the kind of thing they’d love.

Oatmeal, grains and dried berries clumped together with honey.

Once I added the honey and coconut oil, I was reminded of DIY bird feeders.

Uncooked granola in the muffin pan.

Ready for the HEAT! Since these cups were so small, I just pressed the muffins down with the spoon I was using to transfer the granola mixture to the pan.

cooked granola muffins fresh from the oven.

The urge to try one of these fresh from the oven was SO tempting. That’s probably why I didn’t let them chill long enough in the fridge.

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  1. Ah! How fun! I'm so excited you decided to give my recipe a try! I can sympathize with trying to find those dried blueberries. I usually find them either at Trader Joe's or Harris Teeter but you substitution sounds just as delicious! Don't beat yourself up about not letting them sit in the fridge for long 🙂 That's really just so they don't crumble on you, but they will forever be a little more sticky than a normal prepackaged granola bar (but who doesn't like sticky honey right?) I'm just thrilled you liked them/tried them! You're making me want to go make a batch right now. 🙂

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