Knotted Mundanity

After I’d made my entry on Wednesday, I decided to take the trash out. Since we’d just had a snow-fall, I somehow forgot the ice we couldn’t get rid of on our back walkway.

My feet went out from under me, and I met the Earth in a rather embarrassing display of pain. Ah, winter.

Of course, I managed to hurt my wrists in the fall, the right a little worse than the left, but not badly enough to require any sort of doctor’s visit. Since I already have tendinitis in both wrists and carpal tunnel in the right, I need to be extra careful with injuries. That said, knitting won’t be happening again until next week at the earliest, so I don’t have much to offer.

I DID get that desk cleaned, of course.

I’d also done a little reorganizing. My little weekly calendar thing/white board is in a more convenient place, and commonly referenced files (not pictured) are on the far right edge of my desk instead of behind my computer.

I’d also managed to figure out how to set up the little fountain my mom had sent. I hadn’t realized just how fascinated our black and white kitty would be with it, though.

I think it’ll need a new home. 

I don’t want him drinking from it to try preventing grime buildup from gumming the works up or getting him sick. He also likes pawing at the cord from the floor, which is a bad thing, since I can very easily imagine him pulling the whole shebang down on himself.

I am thinking we should get one of those cat fountains, though. I don’t know how hard it’d be to clean, but it might be worth it. I’ve also thought about finding a multi-cat automatic feeder, but I don’t know how well that would work.

For one cat, I know it’s an awesome way to regulate portion control and timing, but for three? I foresee food thievery by our black cat from our tabby and bickering between the two. Gotta do some more research before making any sort of investment.

Anyway. Rambling. Sorry.

Despite the soreness in my wrists/hands, the idleness of watching television with the hubby last night had me fiddling with the shoelace we use to play with the kitties. Several slip-knots later, and I discovered a rather neat looking cord.

Wonder if I can incorporate that into future jewelry or something.

Anyway. Hopefully, this weekend will mark the rest of my recovery from this soreness, and I can get back to crafting next week. Yoga will be happening.

That said, I might start those squash seeds this weekend. It’s warming up, and I’m itching to start digging.

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