Last Minute DIY Craft Ideas for Holiday Gifts

It’s the week before Christmas, and procrastinators like me are feeling the pressure. The good thing

Spirit bags from How to Make a Spirit Bag.

is, it’s not Christmas Eve, and you don’t need to brave masses of panicked shoppers if you have a creative spirit plus a little time to put together some projects.

Here are a few of my favorites:
Make a Stuffed Animal From a Child’s Drawing – Most kids love drawing, and use the medium to let their creativity shine. They’ll be thrilled to see their favorite creation turned into something they could play and cuddle with. Actually, I know some adults who would enjoy seeing their artwork turned into a doll.
Spirit Bag – I made a few of these a couple of years back, and they were quite the hit. Extremely easy to make, you can use all sorts of personal symbolism with this craft.
Upcycle Old Jeans – There’s so much that you can do with those old jeans that you no longer wear. With a little sewing knowledge and imagination, you can create just about anything from them. However, if you need tutorials or patterns to work off of, take a look at these for a messenger bag, throw pillow cover and neck or lower-back pillow.
Dream Pillow – Perfect for gardeners who dry herbs every year, this is a wonderful gift for the aromatherapy lovers out there. Even if you don’t grow your own herbs, you can find dried herbs at local co-ops, new age bookstores or even the tea isle of your local grocery store.
Reusable Bowl Cover – These are wonderful for folks who want to minimize the amount of waste in the kitchen. They’re handy for protecting ingredients while you cook, left overs or food during an outdoor event.
Felt Brooch – The great thing about this idea is how easily it can be customized to a broad range of tastes. It’s also extremely easy to do, and great for kids or adults.
Spirit Bag – I made these a couple of years back, and they were quite the hit. If you like adding symbolism to your gifts, this project is for you.
Upcycled Gift Box – All you need for this one is an old coffee can, junk mail, glue and scissors. The crochet caps are completely optional. This is actually one of the lowest cost options, since companies actually send you some of the materials you need!
Of course, you can always stop by one of my shops at Etsy or Storenvy, if you’d like to give something handmade to your loved ones, but don’t have the resources to make something yourself.
December 21st is the last day to send gifts via priority mail, so if you’d like to order something, it’s best to do so soon! This week’s sale is 40% off with coupon code DecemberThree.
If anyone gives these tutorials a try, I’d love to see what they come up with!

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