Learn How to Crochet the Magic Circle or Ring – Crochet Basics

One of the most important starting techniques you’ll learn in order to make little dolls, like the ones in this pattern, coasters or even doilies is the magic circle. It’s a little tricky to master at first, but like most crochet techniques, it gets easier with practice.

Step One: Form a circle with a length of yarn. The loose end should point to the left.

Step Two: Slip crochet hook through the center of the circle, hook the long tail behind the short one, and pull it through.

Step Three: Yarn over with the end of yarn still attached to the ball, and pull it through the loose loop. This forms a loose sort of slip knot.

Step Four: Keeping the slip knot in place, move the hook behind the short tail and the length of yarn forming the large circle. Yarn over, and draw it through the large circle. You’ll now how the beginnings of your first stitch.

Step Five: Yarn over with the yarn still attached to the ball, and draw it through the two loops on your hook. That’s your first stitch.

This is a little sloppier than my usual work. I was having trouble wrangling the camera as I worked.

Step Six: Repeat steps four and five as many times as the pattern calls for. Be careful to always stitch around the short tail and the other piece of yarn making up the larger circle itself. Since I was making coaster with light-weight yarn and a small hook, I made six stitches.

Step Seven: This is my favorite part of the whole process. Hold the row of stitches with one hand, and pull the short tail to which the arrow is pointing in the above picture, and pull it. If you’ve done the stitching correctly, the line will curl into a small circle.

It should look something like that.

Step Eight: Once the circle is nice and snug, start the pattern in the first stitch in the circle. If you have a marker, place it in your first new stitch, so you can keep track of which round you’re on.

This is what the completed magic circle will look like.

There are other ways to achieve this effect, but the magic circle, or magic ring, is one of the easiest, once you get the hang of it.

Next Monday, I’ll be covering how to weave in your ends once you finish a project.

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