Lemony Knitting

I feel like I’ve been writing like crazy, this week. Then again, I kind of have been. It’ll be good to lighten the load this weekend. My poor brain is not happy with me.

Anyway, between the writing and reading I’ve been doing, I have managed to make some progress with the afghan.

I will probably need to find a less lazy way of displaying it from now on. It’s getting a little too big for the desk.

Other than that? Well, there’s the lemonade from this entry.

I’ve put together some carpet deodorizer, too, but didn’t bother with a picture of it. I mean, it’s just baking soda with several drops of essential oil in a plastic bag.

Anyway, the weekend begins tomorrow! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my knitting, and lightening my writing load for a couple days.

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