Liebster Award Nomination!

Between tossing various fruits around in our juicer, rambling online about various things and staring at the intermittant rain pouring from the sky outside, I discovered that the wonderful Rebecca from Rebecca Simplement left me a lovely comment in which she nominated me for a Liebster Award!


So what is this reward? Well, it’s something passed around the blogging community to folks with fewer than 200 followers. It’s a great way to get to know each other and discover new blogs.

Thanks so much for the nomination!

Here’s my end of the project:

The Rules

Provide a link back to the blogger who nominated you
Post 11 random facts about you
Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 5 bloggers with under 200 followers for the award
Write 11 questions for them to answer
Let the nominees know that you have nominate them

11 facts about me: 

1. My wrists are double jointed. It’s fun at parties, and if I’m tense enough, they give a nice cracking sound when I show off the trick.
2. I’m currently working on getting short stories and poetry published, as well as finishing a first novel. Urban-fantasy, nature based and lessons from life all the way, baby.
3. I’m allergic to seafood. I wish I wasn’t, because I remember loving the stuff before my body rebelled.
4. I’m dyslexic, and I’ve come to view that as a very good thing.
5. I studied Aikido for around 7 years in my youth. Before that was around a year of Karate-do.
6. I have formal training in massage therapy.
7. I’ve had pet rats for well over 10 years, now. No, not the same rats. Sweet critters, but they have very short lifespans.
8. I’ve been donating hair to charity since high school.
9. Reading is my addiction. Ok, reading and coffee.
10. I love the idea of sewing my own clothing, but I have an extremely hard time getting the sizing right. (Guess I’ll stick to alterations until I get more practice.)
I love cosplay. I think it’s such a fun way to honor a character, time period or non-mainstream fashion, and a fantastic way to pick up new skills.
 Answers for Rebecca’s Questions: 
1. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Either overlooking a river, or in the mountains. I’d love to have a property with lots of room for gardening, plus a house big enough to have a dedicated writing room and crafting room. Preferably in a country whose healthcare system WORKS. Maybe somewhere in Canada.
2. What was the best concert you ever went to?
I haven’t really been to many concerts, actually. I guess the best would be Eliot Fisk. He’s a super talented classical guitarist who graduated from the same high school I did.
3. Any hobbies (besides blogging)?
Hiking, knitting, crocheting, experimenting with jewelry creation, gardening, writing (though I guess that could also be counted as a career), playing around on the computer.
4. What do you do to relax?
Find a quiet place to curl up in, brew a cup of tea and lose myself in a good book.
5. How would you describe your personal style?
Probably something like Geek in cargo pants (when I can find them) or jeans and leather.
6. Favorite junk food?
Snickers bars. I don’t know exactly what it is, but the combination of chocolate, caramel and peanuts is just heavenly. It’s even better when there’s ice cream involved. Yum.
7. Favorite health food?
At the moment? Pineapple. That’s probably because I just cut one up and juiced it, but I love eating it, too. I tend to waver between that and homemade salsa.
8. Cat or dog person?
Both, but I’ve developed a dog allergy, so keeping one as a pet is out. We have three cats, though!
9. Favorite places to shop?
Hot Topic, any book store, Farmers’ Markets, Eye of Horus and Crafty Planet. Online places include and assorted small businesses on Etsy, Storenvy and on independent sites.
10. Any celebrity crushes?
Not really in the romantic way, but I guess I have buddy-crushes on Misha Collins, Wil Wheaton, Gail Simone and Marina Sirtis

11. Go-to accessory item?
Being one to go practical and handmade, I’m rather fond of my upcycled jeans messenger bag. You can see how I made it here.
My Nominated Blogs
The Most of Every Moment
Letters from the Land of Cherry Blossoms
Lopsided Stilts
Spectrum Bloggers Network

Shannon Connor Winward

My Questions (I’ll try to make them good ones!)
1. What are you most passionate about?
2. If you can change the entire world in one way, what would it be?
3. As a child, what did you dream about becoming when you grew up?
4. What’s one skill you wish you had developed, but weren’t able to?
5. What are your three favorite things about your life as it is now?
6. Are there any cultural traditions you enjoy sharing with those from other parts of the world?
7. What topic always gets you yelling at the newspaper or news program on television/radio? (Forms of politics, fluff stories, that sort of thing..)
8. What’s your favorite season – fall, winter, spring, summer?
9. Which book would you recommend everyone read? (I might even take you up on the suggestion!)
10. If you could have a dessert right now without any sort of repercussions later, what would it be?
11. What word do you ALWAYS question when it comes to spelling? (Desert/dessert is one of mine.)

Have fun! Thanks again to Rebecca for the nomination!

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  1. Snack bars are just so tasty and convenient! I think they make for a pretty good guilty pleasure. 😉

    Thank you for both nominating me and your kind wishes!

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