Make my own clothes? HAH. HAHAHAHA!

Today’s prompt from BlogHer is “Have you ever attempted to make your own clothes? Tell us about the results.”

Oh, boy. Clothing making is one of my weakest areas. Ugh. Getting the fit right and figuring out which fabric to use is something I just can’t seem to grasp.

The last time I tried making a dress from scratch, it… Well, it didn’t turn out well at all. I did manage to make a simple dress and lace jacket for a wedding I’d attended years ago, but the dress itself wasn’t very flattering.

I did like the jacket thing, though. No idea what happened to it.

Otherwise? I haven’t done much by way of making clothing from scratch. The below shirt is the closest I’ve come to successfully making something from a pattern.

Maybe not the most flattering of pictures, but I love the sleeves. I think I still have the pattern somewhere.

Otherwise? Well, outside of the skirt I’d upcycled in this entry, I’ve done little more than mending or experimenting with crochet hemming as far as clothing goes.

My sewing prowess seems to fall along the lines of making accessories or decorations for the home. Maybe I’ll get the sewing bug again one day, and figure out the complexities of fit, draping and measurement.

Oddly enough, for as much knitting as I do, I haven’t attempted a sweater, yet. Do hats, socks, gloves, scarves and gauntlets count as clothing? If so, I’ve made a ton of those.

Such cute mittens.

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