Make Your Own DIY Simple Cell Phone Pouch!

If you’ve ever read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll know in that world, the Guide is

Basic materials – cell phone, fabric and chalk.

actually an electronic tablet-like device kept in a black sleeve with the words “DON’T PANIC” emblazoned on the front in red lettering.

I’ve decided to go to the convention in July dressed as a galactic hitchhiker from that series of books. However, I don’t own a tablet, and I can’t justify getting one. What to do?

Well, I figured I’d try turning my phone into a “Guide” by making a pouch for it. I discovered making it was pretty easy. Here’s how you can make your own customized pouch.

You’ll need to gather the following materials, first:

  • Fabric (Scrap from another project works nicely. Upcycled clothing is an option as well.)
  • Chalk or a sewing pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Something to fasten the pouch closed. I used snaps, but Velcro or a zipper are both good options.
  • Whatever you’d like to decorate the pouch with.

Step One
After ironing the fabric, lay your phone on the wrong side and trace its shape with the chalk. Then, move the phone under the first outline and trace it again. This is to give yourself a good idea of how much fabric you’ll need.

Then, draw a larger rectangle around the two outlines, and add a smaller rectangle for a flap, unless you’re planning on using a zipper. This rough pattern will give you room in which to sew.

Looks kind of like an oven, doesn’t it?

Step Two
If you want to embroider a pattern, do that before cutting the pattern out. If you have something else in mind, like puff paint or bejeweling, that can probably be done once you finish all of the sewing.

Just cut around the largest rectangle, so you’ll have a solid piece of fabric.

I’m going to clean that up a bit more. Didn’t get all of the paper out, either.

Step Three
Pin and sew the hems. I always press the seems before sewing, since that helps them hold their shape.

For a cleaner look than what I got, fold the hems over twice before sewing. I just did it once, since I’m not picky. I used the sewing machine for the longer hems, and sewed the shorter portions of the flap by hand.

As always, work on the wrong side when sewing.

Step Four
Fold the bottom end of the pouch up to where you’d like the flap to start. When doing this, you’ll want to make sure the pouch part is big enough to easily fit your phone.

I triple checked by putting my phone on the folded, unsewn pouch before feeding the whole shebang into the sewing machine.

Remember the seam allowance. I can’t seem to cut in a straight line, so it ended up a bit uneven.

Step Five
Sew along the sides of the pouch. Once the sides are sewn up, you’ll have an inside out pouch.

Step Six
Your last step is to add the closing devices. If you’re putting a zipper in, do that while the pouch is still inside out. Otherwise, turn it right side out, so you can add the Velcro, snaps or whatever other method you want to use.

Eh, I should have used a ruler to help get the snaps a bit more even.

Unless you have some more decoration to add to your pouch, all that’s left is to use it! Sewing the pouch itself only took me about an hour, if that. The embroidery took twice that long, since I haven’t done much of that in the past.

The lettering needs a couple of simple fixes, and it ended up being a bit off center, but that’s ok.

Have fun!

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