March Shop Feature – McCord Works

I happened across this wonderful shop through the owner’s “Jewelry Dude” photo featured in a post last week. When I saw she ran online shops, I fell in love with her work, and had to ask if she wanted to be March’s shop feature. Lucky for me, she accepted!

She crochets amazing jewelry, using hand-dyed silk and cotton thread. The detailing is absolutely amazing, and it looks like a joy to wear. Here are three of my favorite pieces from her Square Market shop.

Serendipity Doily Earrings

In addition to the high quality of her crocheting, I’m rather impressed with the job she did in coloring these beauties. The purple pattern is wonderfully regular, and compliments that lovely blue brilliantly.

They remind me of the spring flowers I hope to see once all this snow finally goes away.

Mandala Doily Necklace

This beautiful pendant reminds me of dream catchers and spider webs, both things I find enchanting.

She used hand-dyed silk thread for this one, and it really highlights her skill in creating regular stitches for a complicated looking pattern.

Compass Rose Doily Necklace

When it comes to wearing jewelry, I tend to go for smaller things, as I am a small-bodied person. I’ve also always enjoyed the aesthetics of antique compasses. This piece fits both of those preferences perfectly.

She offers this pattern in assorted colors, but I’ve always been partial to darker hues, so I featured black.

This is just a tiny selection of her amazing work. I highly suggest checking her shops out on SquareMarket and Etsy. You won’t be sorry you did!

And to Leisa, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks for allowing me to feature your awesome work!

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