Master Pages

Ok, all! I’d like to draw your attention to the sidebar at the right of my blog. Scroll down to just past the feed services. You’ll find three little link to master pages containing posts and articles I’ve written about knitting, crochet, DIY and upcycling.

The How to Knit page is completely new. Cue the fanfare!

In January, I’ll be adding some more how to knit posts on this blog. I also have a few more ideas of how to improve this place, maybe consolidate some of those articles into ebooks and a couple other ideas.

There will probably be a survey towards the beginning of January, if I can find a way to make one. I’d really appreciate any and all responses. I’d love to learn more about you all!

As for now? I really need to get back to making more gifts! How is it December 16th already??

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