Maybe a Russian Braid?

Ah, the struggle of styling short hair. Oddly enough, my sister’s wedding will be the first time I’ve had to attend an event quite this formal with hair shorter than past my shoulders. As a result, I’m still a little shaky about how to style it.

However, I think I’ve stumbled across something that might look halfway decent. Let’s hear it for the Russian Braid!

Ugh, I look awful. Maybe I can give myself a quick DIY facial or something before the wedding. I should at least try to reduce that puffiness around my eyes. I don’t know. Maybe the lighting in my bathroom has something to do with it.

Obviously, I’ll need to figure out a better way to clasp that braid. Maybe I can find a good sized, strong, barrette or a cute clip by Saturday. I have a bunch of smaller barrettes, but none of them are strong enough to hold that hunk of hair in place.

I’ll have to practice this style a couple more times to get it the way I’d like it, too.

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