Merc With A Mouth Fashion!

This has been a crazy week. Snow and other errands have kept hubby from working on the basement, and I’ve been dealing with my own bedlam, too.

The majority of issues have been resolved for the most part, though.

That said, I haven’t had much luck with making much progress in the craft department. All I’ve managed is to finish the primary body of knitting for one double sided gauntlet, and get about half of the other knit.

Behold – Deadpool gauntlets! It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but they say “Merc With A Mouth”, which is what he’s known as. I’m going to clean up the lettering a bit when I weave in the ends. Since my arms are so annoyingly thin, the words wrap around by quite a bit, and make it hard to get a good picture of them.

Hopefully, I can get them in presentable enough shape to enter the contest I want to next week. Even if I don’t get them done in time for that, I’ll still end up with some fun new goodies.

I’m a bit more certain of going to the local sci-fi fantasy convention in the summer, and that’d be the perfect place to wear them. I’m thinking of making a few things to enter into the art show they host, too. We’ll see. I have a while to decide.

As for other projects, I’ll be making more TMNT dolls! I’ve decided we should have a full set kicking around the house, and another has been requested. Now, I just need the safety eyes and yarn that I’d ordered to show up.

I had actually ordered safety eyes a while ago, but I didn’t realize that I’d ordered 9 mm instead of 6 mm, so what I have now are too big for those little dolls.

However, I will be using those bigger eyes for the plushies I’ll be experimenting with. Should be fun!

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