Missed Friday

Woops. Kind of a rough day, yesterday, so here are the project I had on the go last week!

I have no clue where I’m going to block this thing. The biggest relatively flat surfaces I can think of in our house are our couch and the bed, both of which are often occupied by kitties. Said kitties would put all kinds of pulls in it, which is a bad thing.

I may have to resort to using the ironing board, and even then, I don’t know if it’ll be long enough.

Otherwise, I think it turned out pretty nicely!

Bunny #2 will have a keychain attached to its head, and I think I’ll knit it a tiny little scarf with some scrap yarn, too. It’ll be so cute!

This thing is more of a customization than something really made by hand. I’d originally painted four dinos with the “glitter glue” Target sells. I don’t know why it’s called glue, because it’s not sticky.

Really, the only difference between this stuff and paint is this stuff is much thinner. That meant it started running on me. Fortunately, I caught it before it dried, but since I didn’t want to waste it, all dinos on the front because glitter dinos.

Hopefully, the lucky kid it’s destined for likes it.

Then, of course, are my bunny slippers. Part two of that entry will be forthcoming on Monday.

I might end up posting a couple of cleaning entries, as well, since I’ll be doing a fair amount of that, next week.

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